UFO Contactee


◆Miriam Delicado, UFO Contactee(UFO被接触者):

Almost 30 years ago,
I was told that 2017 would be a powerful and turbulent year for the planet.
There is good news as well.
Join me and find out some of
what the Star Beings shared with me about the year 2017 and why it is important.
I was taken onboard a UFO for three hours in 1988.
The experience changed my life.
Join me as I share and document this sometimes exciting, scary and amazing experience !

Miriam Delicado, UFO Contactee

Some of this information was warnings about the future of our planet.
These Tall Blond extraterrestrials taught me a great deal
and through my book, videos, blog, seminars and speaking engagements
I hope to share as much as possible with the public
about these encounters that have been taking place since my birth.

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